Authentic Korean Cuisine.
The best tofu soup in the Lower

Welcome to House Of Tofu Soup

Wellcoming Space

Our dining room is designed as an open space offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The Best Tofu Soup

Our tofu soup is well known for its flavourful taste and is made only with fresh ingredients.

Vegetarian Options

Our menu includes many vegetarian options that will certainly suit your tastes.

Authentic Korean Dishes

We also offer authentic Korean dishes including Bibimbap, Japchae, Bulgogi, and many more!

Experience authentic Korean flavours.

A lot of attention is put in each dish that we serve to our customers. We carefully select each ingredient to provide an authentic Korean culinary experience.

Online Ordering

We are now partnering with Foodly to serve you better! You can order for pickup or delivery on the Foodly app or

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Our Location

Come visit us! Our restaurant is located in Lougheed, just a few minutes away from Lougheed Town Centre station.